About Us

Putting the Right People in the Right Places

Founded in 1993, the goal of Dental Directions is to provide dental staffing services with a spirit of excellence where dental practices and professionals alike are consistently and successfully matched. Our goal is to do all of the work for you so you can focus on what got you into dentistry in the first place: helping patients. If you have any questions about our dental staffing services, please feel free to call us anytime! We look forward to getting to know you and making your career dreams a reality.

Trusted Since 1993

We have been working in dental staffing longer than almost anyone else, and the reason we’re still around is simple: we get people where they need and want to be. Our experience stands head and shoulders above everyone else, and we have continued to evolve with the industry so we’re able to adapt and serve our clients even better as the years go by.

We Are Dental People

There are many online services that claim to do what Dental Directions does, but they don’t live and breathe dentistry like we do. The majority of our staff have spent years, if not decades, working in dental offices in a variety of positions. They know firsthand what goes into a day's work and the unique needs of both professionals and practices. With us, you won’t just work with code or an algorithm, but with a living breathing person who has walked your same path.

We Are Not Corporate

Because we are an independent company, we aren’t beholden to profit reports or quotas that could pressure us to deliver less than stellar service. We believe that if we do right by our people, the business will take care of itself. We are a small but mighty team that you can easily get on the phone, and you can trust that we’ll always put your satisfaction and experience above everything else.

Unique Opportunities

Our vast and far-reaching network will enable you to reach potential employees or employers you may never have encountered through typical job listings. We regularly attend dental conferences and work hand-in-hand with the Texas Dental Placement Network to make sure our listings and information are always up-to-date.

We Make Things Easy

You can explore our different placement services on our website and even apply online in minutes! Finding the right person or the right job has never been simpler. And, if you’re looking for temporary workers, we’ll actually pay them directly so there’s no hassle on your end to reimburse them. We also have numerous measures to protect you or your practice at every step of the hiring process.